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      1. Zhaoqing Aode Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.


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        Purchase of chemical equipment only at a low price
        AODE Chemical Equipment
        General Chemical Equipment

        26 years of industry experience, independent research and development equipment, master the core technology, research and development team has always maintained the forefront of chemical technology, to provide you with high-quality chemical equipment.

        The price is reasonable, the material is selected carefully and many more advanced functions are integrated. The quality of chemical equipment in Austria is better on the premise of the same price.

        Aode chemical equipment adopts advanced frequency conversion control, realizes stepless speed regulation, adopts hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical lifting, and the frame runs reliably and smoothly.

        AODE has a professional after-sales team, quick response, door-to-door service, 1 year free maintenance, lifelong maintenance, to solve your worries.

        Common chemical equipment products are crudely manufactured and constantly imitate us, but they can not achieve our quality and quality.

        Low price, single function, sub-optimal core parts, affecting the later production effect, resulting in customer dissatisfaction, spend money wrongly.

        Strong vibration and noise, unstable operation effect, affecting product quality and efficiency is a headache. It is difficult to get ideal results in a short time.

        Selling equipment and collecting money will ignore customers, there is no after-sales service, there is no guarantee, do one-time business.

        The Six Guarantees Of AODE High-quality products, create a good reputation

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        ABOUT US Focus on Chemical Equipment Manufacturing for 26 Years

        Zhaoqing Aode Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Daming Chemical Machinery Factory of Gaoyao City, founded in 1992), is located in Yaonan Third Road, Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, with modern production plants and high-precision processing equipment. Aode is a new technology enterprise...... Development Patent CertCompany Cert Processing Video Management Service Contact Us

        CERTIFICATE Witness our strength and escort our customers

        SUCCESS CASES Hundreds of Engineering cases, products are widely used



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